What Is A Wipe Worth?!

I am a massive fan of Asda’s own baby wipes and at only £4.50 a box its a bargain.

Or so it seemed…

Now I am aware we all have no money and things change and all that jazz. But you would think these big old supermarkets are still fine on money, after all we’ve all got to eat!

However whilst putting away my recently purchased wipes, whilst singing a merry tune, I noticed something, something that chilled me to the core…

Okay so maybe not to the core but pretty damn far! The pack on top is an older pack, the one below my new one. So its gone from 80 to 64 wipes and the price is still the same?

No warning?

No smaller pack size label?

I was a little pissed off I have to say! I always liked that I was getting a bargain but now I am, well, narked I suppose!

This small product malarkey does not stop here.

Hell no.

This is my pizza from pizza hut, the buffet to be exact. The price of the buffet has gone up, the pizza size, way down.

What is this country coming too?

No wonder we all have no money!!

Sort it out!!


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