Wheelchair Madness In Matalan



I was am a big fan of Matalan, you can often find some really lovely clothes at affordable prices, especially when you have kids.

So today me and the sister went shopping, to get those last minute bits and same things for Beboo for winter, she has started crawling (does a dance) but hates crawling her her all in one, so tights and jumpers it is, got to keep those feet warm.

Anyway, after my tysabri infusion yesterday, I knew I have to take it easy, as I do on most outings, so I decided to use one of Matalans lovely wheelchairs.

First off, please make these more accessible, queuing and then waiting for staff to finish a conversation on how they had forgotten to pay for their Christmas card is not fun, I even trying the obligatory huffing. Got me nowhere. 

When the lady finally sorted out her card fiasco, she attended to us and brought us the wheelchair to use.

Thank you lady.

First off it was fine. Then we wanted to go and look at something, god forbid, I could not fit down the isles, being partially sighted means I need to be closer than usual, not easily done here.

I shoved and probably upset several people, however I was trying to shop like everyone else and enjoy the whole shopping experience.

So I went round Matalan crashing and knocking things off the shelves, some isles I had to miss out as there was no way I would even come out alive.

I have to say, I was really not enjoying the whole experience  quite frankly it pissed me off and caused me more stress than I need right now. I simply felt in the way.

It really did make me feel like I should not have bothered, I did not understand why one of there own wheelchairs would not fit round there store?

It was stupid and made for a really uncomfortable experience. Granted I made a mess, however I really did not have alot of choice. 

I think Matalan should really be ashamed of themselves, a store as big as this and no thought for people in wheelchairs. 

So if you need the use of a wheelchair, your own or one provided, think again before going to Matalan.


There fashion might make sense, but there store layout does not! 

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9 thoughts on “Wheelchair Madness In Matalan

  1. That’s horrendous. Wheelchair users (and also women with pushchairs) should always be considered when a store layout is designed. I used to manage a retail store and we had to always consider the width between rails when doing visual merchandising and stock replenishment – to ensure wheelchair users and people with large pushchairs (or double buggys like me) could navigate around every section.

    Read their “accessibility policy” then submit a formal complaint quoting all sections they have breached. xx

    1. I think I will! I was literally making a massive mess! Most of the shops in this damn town I cannot go into, I think I may go tomorrow and take a photo of everyone I cannot go in xxx

  2. It makes you wonder whether making an official complaint will do anything but I would do it anyway. It makes no sense to supply wheelchairs in a store and have aisles too narrow to navigate. They are trying to get round the ‘discrimination’ laws by offering wheelchairs in the first instance, yet if their store is unmanageable for wheelchair uses, then they are surely in breach of these laws anyway. This is happening too often nowadays – large stores fiddling the system to get round laws.

    CJ x

    1. Too true. It is all too common now, however they don’t really seem to care. One lady who worker there even said I should complain as she has seem it all too often. I got stuck in several isles and had huge issues getting out. It needs sorting x

  3. I don’t think people who design the stores think about being handicap accessible. It is sad because as a chronic pain suffer, I know that my days are numbered before I have to rely on some form of assistive device to help me get around the store.

  4. I struggled getting down the aisles in Matalan yesterday with my pregnant tummy! Knocked things off rails everytime I turned. Not worth the hassle :-(

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