What Makes Me Tick?

What makes me tick, its a question that has taken a lot of thinking.

I mean, this is the ever changing thing, as we grow and change, we mature (or not as is the case for some) So what makes us tick changes from year to year, or if you’re a man, day to day. 

Take for example music, I used to love the stuff, bopping away in the car, getting low in the clubs (yes I’m short) I just loved a good sing along. That is, until now. Now when I wonder around the shops or switch onto radio one, I hear noting but a repetitive noise?! 

What a load of bollocks!

Just the thought of going into a club now makes my head hurt and that’s not just because I feel really old whilst being the shortest person in the room, no its because I would not know any of the music, my ears would literally bleed.

Next up is TV, yes, I am one of those! I love a good soap or a bit of casualty on a Saturday night, you really cannot beat it. As I have given up the going out thing, staying in has become the new way of life, I even like a bit of TOWIE, yup, I said it! 

Relax, I am aware its becoming very made up, however it makes me feel that much better about my life, so I will continue to watch it. 

Next is my blog, I never knew I would enjoy it this much. I want to make more of it, I have found a way to give back to my family. People genuinely enjoy my drivel and that is a good feeling.

Writing, which ties in with the blog thing, has also become something I like. My little blog is featured on an online magazine thing, I know, madness. I want to do more writing, I have found something I can do, for myself, that makes me happy and I want to go further.

I want to write a book, I know, what a stupid idea!

I would like to say gardening and masonry (all that came into my head) however that would be a massive lie, I hate dirt and plants and I am not sure I quite know what masonry is?   

So for now, that is what makes me tick, I am sure as I become older and wiser I will like other things, like basket weaving and jam making.

Okay, maybe not, a tad far fetched. 

What makes you tick? Have you ever really given it much thought?

Oh I almost forgot, I love sleeping, Its warm and snuggly. 

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