Something of Nothing

So after yesterdays post, its evident I have hit a hard place, a real hard place.

Something I know I will not get out of for a while, so please bear with me,  however I always promised to be honest, so I will.

Since starting my blog I have made friends. Before beginning my internet journey I didn’t think I would make any real friends. I didn’t even think people would read about my hellish life (some godly people just knocked at my door)

Anyway the friends I have made through my blog and twitter have been amazing. All of them. However making friends with people who also have multiple sclerosis or other neurological diseases has been amazinger.

Yes, I am aware that’s not even a real word.

They are the people who understand and get my moaning. They understand what fatigue means, they know that unseen and unheard pain inside. They also know how amazing it would be to have a steroid clinic on every corner, so we had some chance at normal. 

They know that anger when people say “its okay I am sure it will all be fine soon”

No it bloody won’t.


We don’t want your pity, we just wants drugs, good strong, feel average for a while drugs! 

We also would like some understanding and a good old fashioned hug.

So I want to say a big thank you to all of you on-line, diseasey or not. You have helped me loads.

So please join me on this vile journey over the coming weeks, after all…..



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4 thoughts on “Something of Nothing

  1. Chelsea, I had no idea that you had multiple sclerosis and reading your post I can say that I have no idea what that must be like daily. However, I am thrilled I met you out in twitter land! Always loved sharing tweets with you but can tell now more than ever that you are a simply amazing woman!! Great post! I love the ones that speak from the heart the most and you definitely do!! xoxo

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