Do I Smell Of Piss?!

Yep, I said piss! Its a question I often ask my sister, although I am convinced she will not let me go around smelling of piss, she will let me wonder around with a hole in my leggins, so you never know. 

After my post the other night, I am not feeling much better. I know its because I have this stupid disease, however it still surprises me that I could feel this shitty and still be upright. 

I had an egg day today, by this I mean after getting hot I could not make out a face, I can see the face, just not the features, I like to think of it as an ‘egg population’. Makes me feel better.

I am so looking forward to going skydiving in March, the feeling of freedom and weightlessness will be something I will keep with me.

The girls have been their normal demanding lovely selves today, with shrieking and moaning at the top of the agenda, I am really surprised I still have my hearing in tact, at one point it went quiet, just for a second, and I literally wondered if I had gone deaf. Beboo is so eager to do everything and Pop’s is so stubborn and strong willed, I literally find myself with my head in my hands at more than one point in the day.

Yes, my kids are not perfect, who knew?!

There are a few reasons I made it to the end of the day today and it was not the lady in the bank. One was my sister, her help is really a godsend to me and her love of sweeping the stairs is something I will become accustomed too. Next is play group, I seriously have know idea how these ladies do it, but they are amazing! Then its Pops, as much as she drives me mad, her cuddles and silly comments keep me sane. Finally is the jam mallows I got from the range, mmmmmmm. 

Tonight I intend to make myself feel better with mindless soaps. Hey least I am not crazy Kirsty!!!! 

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8 thoughts on “Do I Smell Of Piss?!

  1. I think it’s when you feel your worst the kids are more demanding….lol It’s when my two go quiet I start to worry….They’re usually up to no good!!
    hahaha I’ll be watching the soaps too….Love a Monday & Friday night when they’re on for hours…. 🙂

  2. This made me chuckle! I have a fear of sprouting facial hair that no one tells me about that sounds suspiciously similar to your fear of smelling of piss!! Hopefully it won’t happen to either of us, but if it does we can always write posts about it! We can call it “Hairy and Stinky blog about being stinky and erm, hairy” readers will throw themselves at us….

    Kate 😉
    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

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