Learning I Have A Limit

I have a limit.

Who knew?

Me, that’s who, yet I still choose to ignore it and have now run myself into a hole, a hole I seem to keep digging. 

So the husband has informed me I seem to be a little more upbeat, little did he or I know, it would not last long. Well lets pretend I didn’t know, its just easier.

I was excited to have that little bit more ‘umphf’ So much so I am now in bed, in my onesie, planning on using the force of ‘the nanny’ to make it through the weekend.

Yes I am being weak and feeble and I am letting the children run riot and spread the madness to their nannies. 

I am simply exhausted and can take no more.

I had trouble writing a list today, a list? Really?! My hand simply did not want to do what I needed it too.


Also I keep forgetting what I am talking about when on the phone, then forgetting why I am on there in the first place.


Now people will think I am even more of a dick than they already do.

I also told my MS nurse about my tysabri worries, she has made me an appointment with my Neuro, who will help me make my final decision. I know when all is said and done I have the final say however I want to make an informed, well appointed choice.  

Anyway, I intend to spend this weekend in my onesie, doing naff all. Judge me if you like, however I have reached the point where I am past caring.

Its why we have Nannys, that’s why the exist, its a well known fact. Well that and taking their teeth out according to Pop’s, to eat spaghetti, yes, specifically spaghetti.

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