It’s Kids Party Time With F&F!!

We have been lucky enough to be able to enter this competition to enter the F&F Children’s party wear competition and we have been able to kit out both girls for the party season for only £50!

Now I have to admit, they girl’s have more on than I do these coming weeks, from discos to Santa visits, they have it all. Every year we go and choose party outfits for both, this year we have kitted them out with the great childrens party wear from F&F at Tesco. As you will see in the pictures below, both girls had a whole new outfit PLUS shoes to complete the ensembles!

F&f1 f&f2

There was an awful lot to choose from on the website, so there was something to suit each child. It was fantastic value for money, we usually spend well over our budget trying to kit them both out, but this time the only trouble we had was the choosing part, because there really is so much to choose from!!

Although Pop’s does look upset, it was only because she didn’t want to say cheese OR smile, I think it was just anything I ask her to do, which is not at all unusual.

I have to say, I often buy the girl’s things from F&F but never really thought of them for party wear for Christmas, but now we are converted.

Pops’ boots are fantastic, she always looks so glam in boots and was very impressed with these, they will surely survive the scuffing  and bouncing that she puts each pair of shoes through and for £15, they were a real bargain. She also had the beautiful dress and leggings. The dress was a real hit and really suited her. The leggings are perfect for keeping warm and will also go with other outfits.

Beboo’s outfit had to be practical and withstand her antics, so the Christmassey top, tights, tutu and sparkly shoes were perfect. She can still move around freely and her extreme speeds as well as look part of the party! She can also use the reindeer top with other outfits, always a bonus.


All in all, we were really impressed with the range of the party wear at F&F and will be sure to return next Christmas for the festive party season.

We were provided with vouchers in order to purchase the outfits. All views are my own.

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