I Am Doing Something Funny For Money!!!!

Yup, I am taking on the red nose day challenge and joined in with the #teamhonk madness!

Before I tell you what remember two things, you only live once AND I have never been normal! 

So, for this years red nose day, I am asking you to sponsor me to get a #teamhonk tattoo, along with a cute red nose 🙂


I know you are all wondering why I have decided on this as my chosen activity, let me explain. See I cannot climb mountains, run a million miles or jump on the spot for 25 hours, my body simply will not let me.

So I decided to do this!

Garish? Well that is up to you, however I want to help in any way I can. I also want to do my own thing, in my own crazy way. 

So if you want to see the end result, get sponsoring me here and please share the post, its for an amazing cause, one I am proud to support! 



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