The Ex’s Mother


I said it.

I know your all picturing it in your head, a big fat hairy, son shines out of his arse woman?

Way off I can tell you! 

He was my first proper boyfriend and my longest relationship after my Hubby.

Its that good old story of boy meets girl, very young, they date for four years, grow up together and make a whole heap of mistakes. Blame each other then get on with their lives. 

Not once in those four years did his Mother say a bad word to me, through the good and the bad she always had a smile and a kind word.

Oddly enough she has always been someone I have always spoke highly of, wel not add as she is such a lovely person, not that she knows this.

Well today whilst going for the usual blood test, I saw her, or rather she saw me first, I cannot tell you how nice it was to see her.

I always wanted her to meet the girls, but ever really knew how to approach it.

Some people would find that odd, however not if you knew her.

She gave me a much needed hug and asked me how I was, for the first time in ages it was a genuine ‘how are you’ not the kind of how are you that says, not that I really care, well the face to face kind.

Well short story short (yeh I said it) she offered to be there for me, to listen and  to talk to when I hit that point I have simply had enough, normally, in the real living world, people have said this and never bothered. However I know she will and I hope we stay in touch.

This meeting cheered me up no end and shows there are some Ex’s boyfriends Mothers out there that are lovely, either that or she’s the only one.

Yeh that’s it. 

She is deffo the only one!


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