Cry You A River? Okay Then!

Today has been a hard day, a day I have simply cried, sometimes for a good reason and other times for no reason at all. 

I had a really nice lie-in and decided to have a nice onesie day.

That soon came to an end when I saw the mould all over the bathroom wall. Seriously, I  know I am lucky to have this hose however the mould is ridiculous and a health hazard. Come on Rooftop, sort it out. 

So I donned my joggers and did the best I can.

Then I had an argument with my father. None of which was my fault. I am not a child and do not wish to be spoken to like one, especially in front of my daughter.

Not cool.

So it was then the tears started and have since not stopped. My eyes are sore from all the crying and I just feel so shit.

I really just want to go to bed, with a hot water bottle and eat copious amounts of bad food. 

Do I look like I want a diet?!

Right I must go and dry my eyes before it starts all over again…

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