Cough, Splutter And A Very Tired Mummy

Last night was vile, Beboo was not having any of this sleep malarkey!

Hubby was downstairs, due to Beboo being with me and I appeared at 3am, asking telling grunting explaining that we were swooping as I had not slept a wink!

Beboo has rarely been poorly in the 9 short months she has been on the planet, so this cough/cold has really shaken her.

Pops on the other hand. Well, dramatic does not cover it. I get she doesn’t feel well, I completely get this, however screaming because you have a runny nose, repeatedly is simply not necessary.


I am so tired, running round after both girls, making sure they are happy and comfortable, with their scheduled calpol stops.

With snot and vomit flying everywhere, I am beginning to wondered if this will ever end.

We all need a good, old fashioned sleep, can you hear me Beboo? SLEEP. Its good, you should try it. 

I will shut up now, in a feeble attempt to get some sleep…

This is our snapshot of quiet today. A rare sight!

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