Caution: Arctic Reversing!

So today I heard a big old Arctic lorry hit a car, I even commented to Hubby as how it had blatantly just hit a car. In-fact I was right, it had hit a car, our car.

We live in a fairly narrow street, one that people like to use as a quick way round town and also a free place to park to go to town. This makes it busy and means there are many cars either side of the road.

We also live near a corner.

A narrow, car infested corner.

Whenever a sizeable van tries to come through, it always gets us making those sucking noises. 

So seeing an arctic lorry trying to make it round this narrow street, was more than surprising.

It was never going to end well.

Yes, the wing mirror is hanging off.

Yup that is the man who hit our car, the man in red not the policeman! 

Can anything else really happen? 

I am just tempting fate aren’t I? If so, then I really don’t think we could have any more bad luck, we will keep rolling with the punches.

I hope.

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