The Biggest Nag Ever!

So unlike alot of amazing women out there I need more help than most. Especially with things like housework.

Just yesterday I folded the drying and I was exhausted after, literally could not move my arms.

Its not something, as a mother and wife I really like to admit, however its true.

With this relapse I know over the coming few weeks I will need Hubby there that extra amount, purely because I wonder round exhausted. 

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, however asking Hubs to do things has become increasingly, well, difficult.

See when I ask him to do anything, he rolls his eyes and makes a windy sound. However if I don’t ask him, he will not notice what needs doing, or he will forget, either is fine. So then I feel like I am nagging. 

But I know if I don’t tell him it simply won’t get done, so really, I am stuck in a catch 22 situation.


I hate feeling like a nag, like all I do is ask him for stuff but I really have no choice! 

I do it with a smile love….


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