I Think I Have African Sleeping Disease!

So today I feel like I have nothing to say other than, I think I have African sleeping disease.

Now I am aware I have chronic fatigue, however I thought I had experienced that to its full extent, turns out I was wrong. 

I have literally never been this tired before. Imagine the kind of tired where you have been up 24 hours and you sit down, your body is resting and simply urging you into your snuggly bed for some much needed shut eye.


Yeh, its worse than that. 

I am literally so tired it hurts. When I wake up after a heavy 12 hours, it still takes all my inner strength to get out of bed.

It might sound fun to get to sleep alot, however fun it is not. I miss so much, I mentally want to get up but physically can’t do it, during the day I hate


 napping, it is a mega waste of a day, a day that for me, is already made shorter. So suggesting a nap to me will result in a snappy response.

My brain is like one big turd right now. Bloody useless.

The big massive mind farts are coming thick and fast, therefore I will leave it for today in-case I embarrass myself.

No-one likes a dickhead. 

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