Depression Desperation.


It’s everywhere, that word. That feeling. That illness.

That feeling of being completely desperate to know, to feel, to tell someone the truth about how completely empty you feel inside.

How completely empty yet full of every feeling and emotion you have ever felt. All at once, all wanting out, all needing to be heard and felt.

For me, depression had almost become a way of life. As scary as that sounds? This problem and feeling won’t ever leave, so I learn to control it. to turn it off, for a while.

When it happens to you, it’s okay. You’re strong, you can do this, you have done this.

But when it happens to someone you love, it suddenly becomes a whole new experience.

A whole new way of life.

You want to do and say the right thing. You want to be strong, the rock, but you also need to release that emotion. Because watching someone you love fall apart from the inside out is impossible.

But we will cope.

We will pick  them up and carry them, for a while.

We will listen and we will learn.

We will have patience and we will become that rock.

Because we are a family and that’s what we do.

No one really knows the path it will take, or how long we will walk it, but we will walk it together.

Because we can x



Love From The Hazel Key Xx

So, it’s been a while and things have changed so much around here. Now The Hazel Key in finally finished and I have somewhere that finally feels like home.

Somewhere that suits me far more.

This year I hope to see some change. In myself and moving house. Into our forever home.

I want to come here and mind dump again, force my opinions on people and hope bring a smile to some faces.

Not least my own.

SO thank you for staying with us and we hope you enjoy the new look and new name.


Love us XXXXX

PS Ben took the photo, so he’s still kinda there! :P


One Place In The World We Love To Be.

If anyone ever asks where my favourite place in the world is, they are always a little taken aback when I say “Wales”  Well South Wales that is. A little place called Oxwich Bay on the Gower peninsular. Voted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, which may come as a surprise to some.

But I have been holidaying here since way back when. It’s a place my family always return to, even more so since we all grew up.

I myself have never been abroad. I have always stayed right here in the UK, finding all the little jewels my own country has to offer and they are vast, albeit well hidden.

Oxwich bay doesn’t have a lot to offer attraction wise. But the beauty of this small village and the people who live here are enough to keep you coming back year on year.

The hotel practically on the beach has become the must have wedding venue. Set in the forefront of the beautiful forest the runs alongside the village, it’s a wonderful place to eat and stay.

Who doesn’t want to dine on the beachfront and watch the sun go down?

Just look how beautiful it is…


The beach is stunning, with hundreds of rock pools and total freedom for the kids, we can spend all day here, hidden away from the world. Forgetting about the fact I have multiple sclerosis and just enjoy each other.

The sea is crystal clear and many a treasure can be found, and I’m not just talking about the hundreds of shells…

oxwich finds

I think Oxwich will forever be our got to place. Maybe it will even become the girl’s too? It’s a place untouched by commercialism, a place where you can forget the fast paced world and relax. Perfect.

The three things we love about Oxwich Bay?

The scenery, it’s stunning, even on rainy days.

The people. We have made friends for life here, that’s something we will never lose.

And finally, the fact its here in the UK. It’s so close yet remains so hidden and untouched.


This is our entry into the Tale Of Three Cities Competiton.




Our Fire Side Fiction Favourites

This is our entry into the #Currysfiresidefiction competition. Both ourselves and extended family love a bit of fiction. whether its in the form of a book or a TV show/film, so we thought we would tell you about a couple of our favourites found over the year.

We will start with books, and our book of choice is The Bone Season.

The Bone Season is a fantastic book that is the début novel for Samantha Shannon and it is incredible. A read like never before you follow the life of Paige Mahoney in the year 2059. The world is not as we know it now, there is a new order and people with gifts such as Clairvoyance and psychic abilities are hunted like criminals.

One day Paige is drugged and kidnaped. When she regain consciousness she is in Oxford, a captive, policed by Raphaites. Assigned to an individual Warden Paige slowly discovers the horrors that Oxford now holds.

A completely unique tale, Shannon has created a world that captivates and grips you from start to finish. A must read. 

Next is a little different, but a real corker, The 2014 Transformers movie, Age of Extinction.


Now this movie didn’t get the best ratings, compared to the others. However from a personal perspective, I loved it.

It was the first film Ben and I have been to see in the cinema together after five years of marriage (yes, madness) Although I felt the beginning of the film could have done with some changes with the story telling as far as how the new “creators” got there in the first place. Now the Autobots are being hunted for their metal to use to create a new breed of robots.

The type the humans can control.

But after melting down parts of Mega Tron, these new creations took on a life of their own and soon the Autobots were needed to save the day.

The graphics and soundtrack gave the movie a more emotional connection. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time worrying about Optimus and the gang.

This movie did do a fantastic job of setting up the scene for the next installment, which for me made me forget a little about the slightly odd start.

I cannot wait for the next movie, which I know will be full of more “edge of my seat” moments!

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